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  • Able to teach classroom and behind the wheel instruction
  • Accommodating hours 
  • In-Car Driving Lesson's at convenient time's and location   
  • Classroom instruction consists of 15 - two hour sessions
  • Behind the wheel instruction consists of six hours driving time and six hours observation time
  • Competitive fees with convenient payment plans
  • Temps testing offered in the classroom
  • Late model drivers education vehicle
  • Online classes offered with Behind the Wheel.



“Thank you for being such a great instructor!"

- Rosemary

Thank you for making driver ed fun and something to look forward to every day.  The driving lessons we did were serious but again you made them fun.  Parellel parking is something that I had never attempted before but you made it really easy to do.  You taught the class really well and I enjoyed every minute of it.  As a teacher  you definitely earned my respect, much more than a couple of my teachers at school.  You are a fantastic teacher and I will definitely refer you to my freshman friends.

                                                                                                                          Thanks again, Hailey


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