About JW Driving Academy

JW Driving Academy LLC was established in 2004 -Shelley Cullen, Owner and Instructor teaches classes in Greenwood, Withee, Colby, Granton, Neillsville and Spencer. Now offering online classes servicing all of Clark County and surrounding communities coming soon to a town near you.

JW Driving Academy LLC is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

JW Driving Academy will provide you with classroom as well as driver education during hours that are convenient. You receive 15 -two hour classes as well as six hours observation and six hours of behind the wheel. JW Diving Aademy provides the best comprehensive Defensive Driving.       

                                                                                                                  Education at very competitive prices.


“.... I think you deserve the biggest thank you from me for 1. putting up with me. 2. making me a calmer driver and able to

finally get the courage to actually drive. I had a great time in your class and are glad you were my teacher......"

- Shell

“Thank you for being such a great instructor!"

- Rosemary

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